Friday, August 21, 2009

Hello World!

Hello World! Welcome to my kitchen. Now you may see what's in the little oven.

I've been utilising the services of the little oven for awhile now and decided that it would be best if i could share what it could do for you.

The little oven has produced a number of lasagnas, shepherd's pies, carrot cakes, tuna casseroles and now even chocolate cheese cakes for me to sell.

Without the oven's knowledge, i also make frozen popiah's, and that is all thanks to my electric cooker and the fridge (so please don't let the oven know).

And although i constantly update what my little oven does on Facebook i thought it would also be good to have a page where i could share my adventures with the little oven as well as properly list down how much the products of the little oven costs.

So welcome, everyone, and the little oven is now taking orders...

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